Defending Your Home to Prevent Cold Weather Problems: What New Homeowners Need to Know

Protecting Your New Home for WinterBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group

The summer time is a popular time of year for moving to a new home in Tulsa. For beginner homeowners, it is a time that is packed with excitement and enthusiasm as you get to depart on a new journey with your family while getting all moved in and settled. It's also a time of year when you need to commence considering the best way to protect your home from the harsh elements of impending wintry weather that is coming up next as the seasons change. If you are new to the realm of homeownership, here are some tips to ensure your home is winter ready this year:

Install Faucet Covers

Replacing ruptured water pipes and faucets is definitely an an expensive situation, specifically for new homeowners who've shelled out a great deal of funds to move to Tulsa into their new residence in the first place. In advance of when frigid weather sets in, be sure to install insulated faucet covers on each of the faucets on the exterior of your house. This is likewise the perfect time to examine all vulnerable piping around your residence and wrap it up as required.

Clean the Gutters

Ideally, you'll have gutters with built in covers or screens to prevent foliage and crud from entering the drainage reservoirs initially, however if not, then you need to make an effort to clear them out before the winter weather has arrived. Blocked gutters get bogged down with water and extra weight should they be not draining appropriately, and this can result in the rain gutters falling off your residence.

Clean the Sidewalks

Foliage and other landscape debris will become slippery if it begins to get rotten and decay in rain and also wintry conditions, and so this can result in slip and fall hazards. Take a proactive approach to safeguard your loved ones and also guests from an accident and blow the build up aside before frigid weather begins.

Seal Doors and Windows

Drafts waste precious energy and can lead to more costly heating costs when wintry weather sets in. Check every window and door in your house and figure out if you can feel a breeze blowing through. Foam strips are a quick and inexpensive way to close up the drafts in doors and windows. They are available in a number of various thicknesses and types, and have adhesive backs, to make sure they will adhere to almost any surface. Down the road, you can consider investing in storm or replacement windows and doors that should do a considerably better job protecting your residence all climates and seasons of the year.

Fireplace Inspection and Cleaning

Chimney fires can be a dangerous problem that may be averted with some TLC before Mother Nature flips down the temperature. Creosote accumulation and bird's nests tend to be the most typical causes of chimney fires and can be cleaned out easily by a professional chimney sweep, who'll use specific tools and brushes to clean out soot and creosote deposits.

Furnace Maintenance

Now's the best time to pay a visit to the furnace, switch out the air filters, and ensure the device is working as it should. Your furnace needs to automatically identify when the temperature declines in your home and kick on appropriately. Once you have established that your furnace is working properly, move around the house and look at each individual heater vent to make certain they're open and free of obstructions.

Protect Outdoor Furniture as well as Grills

Extreme winter weather elements can cause your backyard grill as well as deck furniture to deteriorate and rot. Before winter sets in, invest in a grill cover and outdoor furniture covers. Clean your items, let it dry thoroughly, and after that carefully cover it for the wintertime. Chair covers, cushions, and pillows needs to be held in the car port until warm conditions present themselves once more in the springtime.

Think ahead and safeguard your residence and yard equipment from the harsh elements of winter. By ensuring your home is winterized during the autumn months, you'll save time and money without having to bear the stress of expensive home repairs.

We at A-1 Freeman Moving Group have all the labor and equipment on hand to enable you to move into your new house, and are able to give you tips and advice on how to best defend your new investment when you are all settled in.

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