Tips for Securing Your New Home

Moving into a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Being homeowner really is a substantial milestone and is deserving of celebrating. Yet before you get lost with the celebration, there are a few matters to address. After the professional movers in Tulsa have left and you are settling in your new home, you should look into securing your loved ones, items, and the entire premises.

Buying a house requires you to make personal sacrifices, and that's why you can't afford to miss the importance of protecting your property. Here are a few tips for securing your new property.

1. Make certain All Windows and Doors Lock Solidly

You need to understand that burglars will always be searching for easy access spots to your house. In the event that thieves discover that you happen to be rarely at home on weekdays or you are away most of the time, they might acquire ample time to look at your new house. A good number of criminals, in such cases, concentrate on assessing if your house has doors and windows that could give them easy access.

Consequently, you must be sure that all doors and windows to your new residence lock correctly. Any windows and doors that don't lock correctly could possibly be the target for a break-in to your new residence and should be fixed or swapped out at the earliest opportunity. It is also advisable to have all your entry doors re-keyed by a professional locksmith right after moving into your new home. You will never know the number of “extra” keys the old property owners gave to nearby neighbors, family members or even to the maid service.

2. Invest in A Monitored Home Security System

Protecting your property from theft with no alarm system can be difficult. Purchasing a monitored security alarm along with home automation is worth thinking about in order to safeguard your property.

You can find a number of home security options available to pick from, depending on the level of protection you will need as well as your budget. Some of the items you need to give attention to when choosing a monitored alarm system for your home incorporate:

· The needs of your new home along with your neighborhood as well.

· Initial along with reoccurring expenses associated with obtaining and maintaining the monitored security alarm.

· Customer service and the brand reputation of the provider you decide on.

· Such add-ons such as smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring.

· Smart home features.

Adding a monitored alarm system gives you and your loved ones peace of mind over and above securing your new residence.

3. Trim Bushes Close to Your Residence

The presence of overgrown trees and shrubs near your new residence raises the chance of break-ins and theft. Neglecting to trim the shrubs and trees on your property could shroud your new residence in darkness, which suggests that burglars could possibly get into and out of your house undetected. Thus, pruning the overgrown bushes near your new residence may act as a safety measure against burglars.

4. Always Ensure Your Outdoor Lighting Is Operating

Considering that thieves operate under cover of the dark, installing outdoor lighting as a new homeowner is usually a good notion. You can also think about motion-sensing lighting fixtures for your outdoors, which turn on when someone approaches them.

In case you are rarely at your home, you can put outdoor lighting and other lights in your new home on timers. Carrying this out may give outsiders the sense that you have been around, which can help to defend your residence.

Bottom line

As a professional moving company in Tulsa, A-1 Freeman Moving Group not only wants your things to show up to your new house devoid of mishap, however we also would like you and your household to be safe and sound in your new home. Protecting your new residence and ensuring the safety of your things along with family members is a personal obligation. Securing your new home night and day is crucial should you want to have peace of mind.


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