Your Moving Budget: Preparing for Everything

Moving - budgeting for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Packing up your house and moving to Tulsa is usually exhilarating--and also pricey. If you believe a move is in the near future, it's not too early to come up with a budget to make sure that you're ready for the costs that come in addition to packing containers and tape and moving trucks. As with most of life's escapades, the devil is in the details. When you move, it will be the things that never make contact with a moving van that amount to unexpected expenses including child and pet care, automobile transport, lodging along the way. Plan your budget ahead of time so you will be mindful of expenses along the way.

Let's start with what you'll consider hidden expenditures--the costs associated with moving to Tulsa which don't incorporate the actual move.

House Hunting

If your move is local or a company-paid relocation, you can omit this section. If your move is long-distance and you're funding the bills, make sure to consider the expenses of house shopping. This consists of airline tickets, lodging, food and gas should you be driving the distance to your new spot. Bringing the children and dog along is probably more pleasant in your imagination, therefore include babysitters and pet care.

Keep an eye on the money you spend on the front end. Obtaining a good amount for your house and expecting you will be overflowing with cash after closing is okay, but don't get ahead of yourself. Selling a home includes realtor costs, and almost always you will have to cover a few home repairs or settlement costs for the home buyer. Consequently, fly coach until you have got the cash in the bank.

Supplies, Trucks, and Labor

The actual physical move to Tulsa is really the most monetarily transparent expenditure along the way. Your professional mover will need to come to your house to offer a detailed estimation based on the quantity of rooms, estimated weight (no one brings scales, so don't fret about that) mileage, and labor needed. They will provide you with a written quotation that itemizes the scope of work and the cost for each component. If there are pianos, grandfather clocks, antiques, or belongings which will need to be completely crated and uncrated, count on paying additional charges for those add-ons.

Just about all movers provide a wide selection of options from a full-service move, in which they arrive, furnished with boxes and tape and blankets and pack up all the stuff for you, to basic service where they send over a moving van plus a couple of people to load, drive, and unload.

If you wish to undertake your own packing, the moving company you select can supply you with the packing containers, tape, and other materials you will require. Some people are confident packing everything while others wish to have the movers pack fragile items such as mirrors, fine art and electronics. Be sure to ask your mover what those a la carte services or specialty boxes run. Don't destroy your new Ultra HD TV by using the wrong box and packing materials.

This is clearly the most costly portion of the move to Tulsa, but you will understand that amount in advance, to help you put together the remainder of your budget around it.


Ask your insurance specialist about how your homeowners policy works for a move; you could need supplemental insurance that's effective during the move itself. It's likely that you are taken care of, but an extra rider that is exempt from your deductible isn't a terrible idea.

Murphy's Law is never truer than when you are moving, and houses aren't always totally ready for new owners. Particularly if you are building or renovating prior to moving in, plan for temporary storage until all the work is finished.

If you're driving to your new home, taking your cars there is clearly straightforward. If you're not, you most likely have a handful of possibilities-talk to your moving company in Tulsa regarding incorporating automobiles in the bid together with your household goods move or a vehicle transportation service or a road trip together with your college roommate and then purchase them a return ticket home.

Getting There Is All the Fun

Now that you're simply exhausted considering all the ways you and your money part company throughout a move, there's something else. Once you hit the road for a long-distance move, you have got to prepare for lodging and food along the route. Should you be flying, there is the airfare to take into account, along with family pet transport costs (unless a driving adult takes the animals).

Finding concealed costs and preparing for what may go wrong will go quite a distance on the way to a smooth and stress-free move, if such a thing exists. Your moving company is a great resource with regard to any concerns you have. Trust us, we've seen a great deal and usually have the solution to almost anything.

If you are ready to start budgeting for your move to Tulsa, contact us!