How to Move Out Your Ex Like A Pro

MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

As professional movers in Tulsa, we have helped people to move for all types of different reasons. Sometimes, the reason is a happy one, and sometimes, it's due to a tough event like a separation, death or break-up. We definitely are not here to pass judgement, but rather to provide some pointers we've gathered over the years of assisting individuals to move following a break-up.

Moving in with each other is a trial; a test of whether you and your partner can tolerate one another once you are in close proximity everyday. Many couples pass with ease, but some... well, some don't. If you are in this second group, and you need to make sure that your ex gets out and keeps out, then it's necessary to make sure you don't miss a trick with regards to the moving out process in Tulsa.

In order to be certain they cannot play the, "Well, I found myself in your neighborhood, and recollected I still had certain stuff to grab," card, then you should adhere to these pointers.

Tip #1: Get Organized

When you live with another person, your things will usually mix. In spite of this, when you've broken up, then it's time for you to re-draw those lines making it apparent whose belongings are whose. Therefore, proceed room by room, and place all your ex's belongings to the side. This is probably going to be trickier than it sounds, both as a result of feelings linked to the items, and because you will end up continually preparing a list of things you now need to replace. Nevertheless you should do it swiftly, and efficiently. Tear the band-aid off abruptly, and the hurt will certainly fade away quicker.

Tip #2: Get It Out of Your Home

After you have all of your ex's belongings in one location, do not just stick it in a closet, or even leave it in a extra room. You need it out of your home, so you can breathe for a little bit and also distance yourself from the memories.

Don't pitch it out the window or toss it on the curb (gratifying as that might be, depending on your circumstances). Yet, find their belongings a place beyond your house. Keep it with one of your ex's best friends or even move it to their mother's place. In case all else fails, hire a professional mover in Tulsa and find a storage space. Give your ex the key to the storage locker so that they can go get it when they are ready for it. But don't allow it to sit in your place; the last thing you want when trying to pick up and move forward is an elephant sitting in the room.

Tip #3: Get Them A Different Place to Live

Another thing your ex may drag their feet on is selecting someplace to live, since you have broken up. And of course, finding a house is no cup of tea, specially when you are doing it alone. And that's why, even if you have a great deal of other stuff to complete, you must help locate a place for them to go.

If it means searching for another apartment that is open and in their budget range (on the other side of the city) or talking with your pals to see who can use an extra roommate, be sure you don't let the grass grow under your ex's feet. You will want them on their way with their belongings, and when they have somewhere to go, they will not pull the guilt trip that you are just kicking them out onto the street.

Tip #4: Don't Backslide

Separating is tough, there is no two ways about that. But if you have to do something, it is important to take definite actions in the direction of completion daily. If you do not possess the time, or the energy, to pack up all things in one day, then pack one room a day or even call a moving company in Tulsa that will help with the packing and moving. If you can't drive around the city looking into rental prices, don't worry, you possess the magic of the smartphone as well as the Internet. Send out a couple of email messages or maybe place a handful of calls.

The main thing is that you are advancing, as opposed to just staying where you are... or worse still, waiting for everything to just repair itself.


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