Millennial-Friendly Moving Tips

Packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

And so, you're seriously adulting now--managing your very first move minus the rewards of parent castoffs or money. The first thing possibly you have figured out about picking up sticks and moving might be that the expenses mount up rapidly. The following thing tends to be that it requires insane organizational abilities to transfer everything you own from here to there without mistaking your X-Box box for your Ninja box.

1) Make Use of Your Technology for Good

There are tons of apps that will help you plan a move--they could track anything from your packing (store photographs of what you put in each carton) to setting up utilities (major life skill) to hiring a moving company in Tulsa. You will be able to share the details with roommates or family members so everyone is certainly in the know.

2) Low-Tech Even Now Rules for Moving

All the amusing apps in the world cannot replace old-fashioned boxes and packing tape. Here's a moving trick that you'll utilize for the remainder of your life--buy small cardboard boxes. For sure, you may get a lot more stuff in a sizeable box, however they get overweight very fast. Lots of small cartons are more effective rather than a handful of huge ones.

So, you need cardboard boxes, tape (spring for the tape gun), plenty of newsprint or bubble wrap for padding, and markers. If you are seriously planned, feel free to use color coded markers for your cartons, but many folks are happy with a black wide-tip Sharpie.

One sizeable box that's worth buying is a wardrobe box--a durable box which has a metal hanging bar over the top. You'll be able to put your hanging clothes in this box without having to concern yourself with wrinkles and dry cleaning whenever you unpack. Check with your local moving company in Tulsa for any specialty boxes that you might need.

3) Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Remember when you were in college and could load up and proceed to another apartment (or room in the frat house) in a part of a day? Put that out of your mind. Right now you have pieces of furniture, gadgets, paddle boards, and all the items that you used to keep in your parent's attic. Not to mention your video game collection. Give yourself a couple of weeks at minimum to pack up for your move--the further you're going, the longer time you will require.

An excellent suggestion is a few days for each room--you can pack up a studio apartment a lot faster than you could a two-bedroom condo. Toss everything you do not even use or do not need--donate it, give it away or perhaps trash it.

4) Know Your Limitations

Sure, you may be young and capable to tackle life, however you might still need professional movers, especially if you have things like a motorcycle or a golf cart. If you are moving a lengthy distance and flying to your new residence, you'll also need to move your car or truck. Professional movers in Tulsa are able to pack and move ALL your things for you, and you do not need to worry about it not arriving there successfully.

If it's at all within your funds, you should consider working with a professional moving company in Tulsa for your move. If you're relocating for a job, your moving package perhaps contains this perk, so certainly take advantage of it.

5) Snap a Selfie

Few things are truly legitimate until it is a story on social media, thus take a picture the moment you're in your new residence. As a professional mover in Tulsa, we're here to do the tough work for you and can possibly join you in the selfie, if you would like. Call today for info on A-1 Freeman Moving Group’s services, selfies are free.


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