Moving to Tulsa When the Weather Is Really Bad

Moving in bad weatherBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Preparation and patience need to be the meditative chants for anyone planning a move, however if you are moving to Tulsa in between late autumn and springtime, you should be ready for a "weather event" at a second's notice. Only a few areas of the United States are free from extreme weather conditions, from snow storms across most of the country, to heavy rains in the warmer South. Consequently, what should you do if you are going on the path exactly when the weather man says don't even think about it?

There is practically nothing you're able to do about a blizzard but utilizing a backup plan will help you weather just about any storm. Have a checklist (there are various decent moving apps for this sort of matter) should you need to divert and reschedule and encompass these matters on your list.

Inform Your Realtor

On the off odds your realtor has not observed a weather report, let them know that there is a weather system approaching, and you might need to defer vacating the property. Real estate transactions seldom take place in a vacuum so if you're impinged on, so can be your buyers, their buyers, and so forth. Do not worry, it is going to all work out.

Ask Your Professional Moving Company About Their Bad Weather Policy

If you know you'll be moving if there is the possibility of nasty weather, ask your moving company in Tulsa regarding how they address it. Keeping their workers safe is vital, and they're going to use a method for poor weather. This could result in loading as much as they are able to and coming back when things clear up to conclude or maybe delaying to load at all. If conditions get terrible while travelling they will pull over until the streets are safe to travel. In short, getting there safely is the top priority. Except in cases where the weather system is brutal, most interstates are cleared promptly.

Plan Your Own Storm Safety

The way you manage your household in the storm depends on several factors--how far you're moving, do you expect to lose electricity (numerous new neighborhoods have underground lines), are you safe being at your old house and camping out, have you got motel reservations along the way?

Camping out isn't great in an empty house which has a cleaned-out fridge and the danger of a loss of electricity, so staying in a hotel or with close friends is a better choice. In case you are expecting a few inches of snow and then clearing and melting that may be simple to manage; if you've got an ice storm and downed trees and utility lines, and extended sub-freezing conditions, you should go on and move your family to other accommodations. Ice can cause more serious slow downs in comparison with rain or snow, therefore be ready for a few days of waiting if ice is the problem.

If you are along the way and awful weather is anticipated, proceed to get lodging reservations. Even though you feel you will get through, or you're not positive how much the impact is going to be, keep in mind that accommodations are finite, and you wouldn't like to be trapped in a sketchy spot with the family. Most non-pet motels make exceptions in inclement weather and they're welcome in your room.

Load up a cooler or two with snacks, drinks, and sandwiches--when the power's out, dining establishments may not be open. Additionally, have blankets, numerous chargers, and flares in the vehicle should you have car trouble or get in an accident--help will come, but will be delayed.

Keeping the New House Clean

Reality check--all the blankets and bath towels on the earth are certainly not going to keep your flooring surfaces spotless when you are moving in wet, wintry weather conditions. You can steer clear of some dirt and scuffs by laying heavy cardboard on the most highly trafficked areas, but unless the professional movers in Tulsa take off their shoes or boots every time they come in the residence, it's an uphill fight. Schedule a carpet cleaning as soon as you can, and vacuum and mop hardwood floors whenever everything is inside.

If you're detained a couple of days by weather, bear in mind there's little that can be done to hurry things along. Relaxing might be a struggle, yet you'll be in your new residence for many years and the Great Blizzard of 2019 (or 2020) will become part of the family lore in no time.


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