The Dreaded Moving Delay

Moving DelayBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

If there is a single thing you can count on when you're moving, it's that you can't count on anything. There are numerous moving parts (ba-dum) to the process, and so many players, that at some point something is going to go amiss. Most people ready for a move plan out the front end of the move to the umpteenth degree and assume that once the moving trucks drive out of the driveway it is all good.

Some people are wrong. Even the best-planned moves with quite possibly the most dependable and reputable moving companies in Tulsa could hit a snafu and cause your household belongings to arrive at your new home several days after the planned date.

What Can Cause Moving Delays?

1) Weather conditions

Zipping on the road in your car is not really the same as lumbering along in a semi truck. So, in the event the weather takes a turn, truck drivers are the first to pull over and wait a little for factors to get better. This may lead to anything from half an hour in an utter downpour, to a few days if an ice storm strikes along the way. Getting your household to your new residence undamaged is the target, thus sometimes the weather slows this down.

2) Road as well as Traffic Conditions

Summer months are peak season for many things--amongst them, road construction, travellers on the highway, and traffic accidents. Freeways are most jampacked in July and August, thus a minor fender bender might back things up for a few miles. Transportation administrators set work and maintenance in the drier times, consequently check your route for construction setbacks and plan for something to turn up which slows your moving vans--if they are backed up and arrive at a large town at rush hour, with many more hours to go, they could need to cease for the night. Nobody would like a worn out team moving over the freeway--it's simply not advisable for anybody.

3) Time of year

Summer is the most easy time for a lot of people to relocate. Moving companies in Tulsa have limited resources--trucks as well as teams. It really is a perfect storm for the move to be postponed in the front end--if the crew got caught in bad traffic, weather, or each on the job ahead of yours, they might not reach your house on the planned day.

If the delay dominoes start to fall and influence your move, your move coordinator will inform you, whilst keeping you updated as they know more about scheduling.

4) Logistical Situations

Getting the moving vans to your new doorstep is not always as easy as you'd assumed. In case you are relocating to a metropolitan area with restricted parking, that monster van may not have a place to park for many hours, and your belongings have to be packed onto smaller trucks which will fit on the street. Further, when your new house is on an unpaved curvy mountain route, a big truck cannot navigate safely. Finding new trucks and reloading them may add time to the process.

How To Deal with A Delay

To be on the safe side, consider a delay on either end of your move. These represent the steps you can take if it appears like your movers won't show up or deliver on time.

First, alter your thoughts on "on time". Professional movers in Tulsa let you know beforehand that they'll do their finest to fulfill the planned dates, but there is a window--as detailed above, conditions change and there's absolutely nothing that you can do if a weather event results in a twelve-car pile-up leading to reaching the DC metro area at 5 pm.

· Let your real estate professional know there may be a delay in your leaving

· Allow for a few days leeway when you're cutting your utility service--this isn't any time to not have access to water and Wi-Fi.

· If you happen to be boarding a pet, let the pup palace know you'll need an extra day or possibly even longer.

· Arrange hotels in your new city if you get there first or carry sleeping bags and camp out.

Flexibility is the vital thing to handling any move, so if you are anticipating what can go wrong, you are way less likely to have a crisis whenever it does.


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