When Its Raining on Moving Day in Tulsa

rainy dayBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You have structured your move rigorously. Everything's packed up, the professional movers in Tulsa will be here soon, and the weather has been clear and full of sun for weeks. But on the day of your move, you get up to the gentle pitter-patter of rain soaking into your grass and also shimmering on the asphalt. Bad weather is considered the very last thing you need when you find yourself getting ready for a major moving day. Who wants soaked items, slick sidewalks, and excessive mud to cope with? But don't panic! As a moving company in Tulsa who has been around for upwards of 4 decades, we've seen lots of moving days, rain or shine, and we promise you might make it through with nominal wetness and mud in the process.

Here's how to manage a wet moving day in Tulsa like a pro.

When You See the Rain:

1) Reserve Cleaning Supplies & Towels

The first thing you should do is make sure your cleaning materials along with towels do not go into the moving van prematurely. Although your professional movers may set down floor protection, you'll likely choose to clean when the move is finished and possibly during the day if there is sufficient mud or even tracked-in messes to deal with. Consequently, have your mop and bucket ready to go and able to put last inside the truck.

Bath towels tend to be just as useful for other purposes. Towels can dry off lightly wet belongings when they enter into the moving truck, wrap things to survive quick wet weather exposure, and also clean up floor puddles once they occur. Thus, have a couple of towels handy and do not be reluctant about quick-wash or quick-drying them through the day. Consider placing down towels proactively throughout high-traffic walkways.

Park the Truck Right Up to Your Home

Subsequently, do everything you can to minimize how long your stuff is being moved beneath the open rainy sky. Covered porches are good for extending your rain-protected walk if you have one. Regardless, you'll want to park the moving truck up as close to your home as is possible, thinking about the ramp span if needed. This may lessen the volume of raindrops that may fall on your things in addition to moving crew throughout the day.

2) To Shield Your Items:

Covered Porches and Make-Shift Tarp Roofs

Try to generate as much cover for your out of doors walking path as is feasible. Use covered porches whenever you can and look into the spot for possible ingenious use of tarps. You might be in a position to string a tarp from the top of the moving truck to the edge of your porch, however maybe not. Don't go over the top however attempt to reduce the rain-exposed room between the door as well as the moving van.

Cover Furniture & Cartons for Precipitation Exposure

Following, consider exactly how you can move home furnishings as well as boxes from your doorway to the moving truck without getting them wet. Tarps are ideal for this, as well, however you can also get resourceful and employ things you currently have. Large garbage bags, for example, will be able to wrap cardboard boxes or even be put over furniture along the way but have a increased danger of catching air and flying away compared to a heavy tarp.

Even blankets as well as towels can protect your items from a couple of feet of mild drizzle if you move swiftly.

Plastic Crates back and forth to the Truck

Give some thought to picking up several big plastic totes from the nearby home improvement center. They are very effective for carrying smaller items or packing containers and can be used repeatedly. Use a sealed plastic crate like a rain shield, setting belongings inside, then emptying the crate in the moving van and returning for another secured load. This technique could take a little longer but can keep your items moisture-free.

Towel Everything Off in the Moving truck

And when things do make it to the moving van, have somebody inside with a pile of towels waiting to dry them off. A brief towel-off may make a huge difference with regard to lightly moist and even plastic-protected items and can additionally decrease the dampness inside the moving van throughout the move.

Keep bath towels inside the house likewise to towel off tarps, cartons, and plastic wrap which has executed their task yet got moist at the same time.

3) To Shield Your Floors:

Floor Mats for Foot Wiping

Should there be mud on the moving route, set down heavy-duty floor mats / welcome mats at any door being utilized. Recommend foot wiping for everyone and be prepared to bang out the mats to use again halfway through the move. Place down towels to circumvent puddles.

Bucket Brigade Over the Entrance

One exceptional technique to help keep your flooring surfaces clean during a wet or muddy move will be to work in a bucket-brigade manner. Have one group of people indoors with clean shoes picking up cartons and furniture to get them to the front door, and another crew with dirty shoes who take things from there to the truck. Make use of your tiled entranceway or covered porch as the hand-off area.

Towel-Up Puddles & Mud Slicks Quickly

Finally, keep the towels in addition to mop-bucket convenient to quickly tidy up any messes which make it indoors. Mud may be put back outside or mopped up and dumped down the drain and puddles could be soaked up with bath towels. Should your bath towels get too soaked as you go along, toss them in the dryer (if it isn't already loaded on the moving van) or find places to hang them in rotation.

If all this arranging feels a tad mind-boggling, keep in mind, when hiring professional movers in Tulsa, they are going to take the stress out of a wet moving day by figuring out the specifics of everything for you in an effort to lessen the exposure to your things.


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