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April 07, 2024

Things Your Movers in Tulsa Want You to Know

Packing for a MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

When you are moving and employ professional movers in Tulsa to assist, there are a few things that you can do and other jobs which you most likely should not do to help nail down a smooth moving process. An easy move happens when all parties work together which suggests that you must know when you need to help and when you should step out of the way.

Below are things that your moving company in Tulsa would like for you to know.

1) Nobody appreciates Surprises on Moving Day

This piece of advice will be covered when you are getting your moving estimate, and it happens to be super vital, therefore it is worth saying again. If you own awkward shaped items, such as a piano, refrigerator, or even hot tub, which will need to be moved, always communicate that to your moving company in Tulsa. Some bulky items may take extra preparations, equipment, or perhaps men to move, so it will not be a great idea to “surprise” your professional mover in Tulsa with unforeseen belongings on moving day.

2) Be Ready for the Movers Arrival

Do you reside in a gated community or an apartment complex which has an elevator? Can the moving truck without difficulty get to your residence? Take a few minutes prior to moving day to work through the particulars of where the moving truck is going to park and what the way to and from the truck is like. Should you have to reserve a parking or elevator pass from your building manager, remember and do that well beforehand.

3) Complete Packing Before Moving Day

If you are doing your own packing, be sure that it is finished in advance of moving day. This means that all the boxes are taped up and properly labeled. To make things move along even more rapidly, efficiently put the packed boxes in a central location in your house, like the garage or the living room so that the moving company crew can simply load them onto the moving van. Pro tip: Do not use masking tape on your boxes. Use packing tape instead.

4) Never Pack Heavy Items in Large Boxes

There are suggestions for what belongings to place in which size boxes for a reason. Adhere to these tips. Belongings which are heavy, such as books, should be put in in small boxes. Belongings that are relatively light, like towels and sheets, can be placed in large boxes.

5) Plan to be Present on Moving Day

You or someone that you trust should be present for the whole moving day in case your movers have any questions regarding which items they should and should not load. And, a trustworthy adult must be present to sign all the mover’s paperwork.

6) Let the Movers Work

You could think that you are helping when you lend a hand to move the hot tub, however it is usually best to stay out of the way. You can point the movers to the right rooms and answer questions, but other than that, allow the professional movers in Tulsa do the heavy lifting so that the move will proceed as efficiently as possible.

If a move is on the horizon, A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Tulsa would love to help. Call us right away to get started on your free in-home estimate or video survey.


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